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Hard Shell Word Factory (ebook);
ISBN: 1-58200-036-0
Medieval-themed weddings must be in vogue this year. One takes center stage in Donna Andrews' new mystery Murder with Peacocks, and another sets the stage for Katriena Knights' Dealing with David

Antonytte (Tony) Mullin thought a pointy hat and trailing hem would be the worst of the problems she'd face when her best friend renewed her vows, medieval style. Newly single after a disastrous marriage, Tony promised herself she would never trust a man again. But when former high school nerd David Peterson shows up -- achingly handsome, extremely wealthy, and seemingly bent on capturing her heart -- Tony is thrown for a loop.  

David seems too good to be true. Is he really still in love with his high school crush? Or does he just want revenge for the horrible way she treated him at the senior prom? 

Tony makes an engaging heroine. She struggles to make ends meet in a job she doesn't like, so she can go to school to pursue a career she isn't really interested in. She's so unenlightened about her own desires that she's endearing.  

The quintessential enlightened male, David not only knows what he wants, he also knows what Tony wants and needs. He has impeccable taste, is kind to his mother, great in bed, and infinitely patient with Tony. However, he's not absolutely perfect. Even in the midst of his hot and heavy romantic pursuit he still works long and odd hours at his computer company. No question that in the "happily ever after" he'll be a workaholic!  

The story takes place in and around Denver, and the location lends some interesting color to the story. But the plot doesn't hold any real surprises; and the writing, while passable, won't win any awards. There are a couple of glaring continuity problems that would have benefited from good editing (the renewal of wedding vows becomes a "reunion;" Tony is instructed to "take the pills" although we are unaware she's been given any, etc.) Nevertheless, you will find yourself reading until "The End."

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Lauren Rabb