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DiskUs Publishing (ebook); ISBN: 0966799569
Rebecca Rice, widow, nurse and faith healer, leaves the comfort of her family home and travels to the wilds of 1895 Oklahoma to make a new life. There she hopes to put her training to use, working among the locals to heal their hurts, both physical and spiritual. 

Unfortunately for Rebecca, the "hill people" are a withdrawn and clannish lot who instinctively distrust any outsider. Vandals break into her home more than once, and most folks in the community rebuff or ignore her friendly overtures. Yet with the help of a healer known as "Ole Woman," a young neighbor named Megan, and Rebecca's own innate stubbornness and determination, Rebecca slowly but surely wins the hill people's hearts.  

Well-written, meticulously researched and thoroughly enjoyable, Angels Unawares will capture and hold your attention 'til the very end of the book. And, since I'm not normally a reader of "inspirational" fiction, I was delighted to find that my misgivings about the story being "preachy" were unfounded.  

Although the story drifts once or twice while the author "explains" Rebecca's beliefs, Priscilla Maine doesn't forget she's telling a story and doesn't stray from her plot to deliver a sermon. What Maine does, and does very well, is involve her reader deeply with each character. She helps the reader understand and appreciate the deep spirituality that illuminates Rebecca's life. 

I recommend reading Angel Unawares. Who knows? You may find yourself looking for the "angels" in your own life.  

Teri Dohmen

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