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Patricia White: A Wizard Scorned


Hard Shell Word Factory e-book, ISBN: 1-58200-021-2
There are some adages every wizard should remember. "Never meddle in the affairs of dragons" is one that comes readily to mind. However, Will, fledgling wizard and companion to Sojourner -- the great cat that must forever wander -- forgets one very important one. Hell hath no fury like a woman or -- in this case -- a wizard scorned. 

Order this e-book from Hardshell.Thus begins Patricia White's romantic fantasy. 

Jane Murdock, successful businesswoman and no-nonsense employer, is dismayed to find that her normally sensible, imminently capable secretary is quitting. To make matters worse, the obviously deranged woman tells Jane that a wizard is going to take her and a group of other similarly crazy women to another world to find husbands.  

Not one to let a good employee waltz off into the nethersphere, Jane accompanies Maggie to an arranged meeting place to confront the so-called wizard. Alas for poor Jane, the wizard is real, and before she knows what hit her, Jane's caught in the middle of a magical battle for control of the intended brides. 

When Jane awakens after the battle, she finds herself transported to another world. In this foreign world's "Great Northwest Territory," Jane learns she must help Will find the bespelled brides before she can return home. Along the way, Jane also finds that she is somehow linked to Sojouner, the mythic cat that was once a man. 

Although Jane's abrasive personality is a little hard to take at first, the story quickly draws the reader in. Why and how is Jane connected to Sojourner? Will renegade wizard Cordelia forever keep the men of the territory -- and their womenfolk -- apart? In answering these questions Patricia White weaves an entertaining tale of lovestruck wizards, reluctant ranchers, vengeful spells and a terrible secret from the past that could destroy Jane and Sojourner. 

It's easy to see why A Wizard Scorned won the Sapphire Award. The twists and turns of White's story within a story will keep the reader engrossed until the very end.  

Teri Dohmen

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