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Waking Ned Devine: Irish Magic


If you're looking for a feel-good movie, one full of laughs and love, look no further. A gem of a movie written and directed by first-time feature film director Kirk Jones, Waking Ned Devine will send you out of the cineplex ready to book the next flight to the Emerald Isle.

The movie opens in Tully Moore, a very small town in the south of Ireland. One of the town's residents wins the lottery but fails to collect the winnings immediately. Ian Bannen (Braveheart) as Jackie O'Shea, Fionnula Flanagan (Some Mother's Son) as his wife, and David Kelly (Faulty Towers) as his best friend Michael, decide to find out who the winner is, befriend him or her, and thereby share in the winnings. Along the way we meet the most delightful characters in recent movie history.

The average age of Waking Ned Devine's stars must be 65. Don't let that fool you. Each and every one of them (even Ned Devine) is full of life. You'll want them as your friend or grandparent.

The lyrical music of Shaun Davey complements the movie beautifully. And Henry Braham's cinematography perfectly captures the "leprechaunesque" feel of the movie.

Movies involving Ireland usually focus on the troubles, poverty or both. This film is about neither. It celebrates life. The fact that it does so with senior citizens only adds to the pleasure of Waking Ned Devine.

Joan Fuchsman

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Readers Respond

Thank you for this movie....I never watch movies, this was the first in many, many years. We (my former friend and I) watched it together and at that time it filled my heart with joy, laughter and happiness. The music completed it. After my partner left me, I found the music through Kazaa and now it fills my heart with sad feelings about a lost love, but also with joy as I was able to share a good movie. So again thank you...very, very much.

The Netherlands

A Wonderful Movie! The cast of characters were put together superbly. Story line was great as well as the plot. The ending has a great twist and should be well received by audiences. This movie has a little bit of everything humor, love, sadness, intrigue and even some deception. It's hard to tell if the cast is acting or playing out a real life scenario. As for the ages of the cast, this movie just goes to prove senior actors and actresess still have what it takes to make a great movie! Shaun Davey's music adds to the story and setting. From the opening scene to the very last credit line the movie and Shaun Davey's music keeps your mind and spirit captured in the Lovely Land of Ireland.

Ernest Hutcherson

Waking Ned Devine will take us all back to the most wonderful, enchanting land of Ireland. The storyline is very funny and very well thought out. I recomend this movie to everyone.

Jason Giangregorio

Good storyline, good music and scenery led to good laughs. I highly recommend this movie!

The Lady Crane

I saw "Waking Ned Devine" a couple of years ago and so did I last night. I consider it one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. The characters were excellent and the story was marvelous. I don't know if this movie had the possibility of being a candidate for the Oscar, but it really worth a pitty (sic).

Hugo A. Alonso
Buenos Aires, Argentina