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Roxanne Conrad: Bridge of Shadows
Diana Kirk: A Caduceus Is for Killing
Carole Nelson Douglas: Cat in a Golden Garland
Jerry Bledsoe: Death Sentence
Piers Anthony: Faun & Games

Mercedes Lackey: Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Terry Campbell: Intimate Investor
Michael Largo: Lies Within

Walt Becker: Link

Nora Roberts: The MacGregor Grooms

Terry Pratchett: Maskerade

Selma Eichler: Murder Can Singe Your Old Flame
Donna Huston Murray: No Bones About It
Anne Stuart: Prince of Magic

Lou Jane Temple: A Stiff Risotto

Christine W. Murphy: Through Iowa Glass

Patricia White: A Wizard Scorned

Movie Views

Apt Pupil

A Bug's Life
Disturbing Behavior
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Life Is Beautiful
Little Voice
Meet Joe Black
- Reviewed by Joan Fuchsman
Meet Joe Black - Reviewed by Matarese
The Siege
Shakespeare in Love

You've Got Mail
- Reviewed by Joan Fuchsman
You've Got Mail - Reviewed by Jennifer Matarese
Velvet Goldmine
Waking Ned Devine

The Waterboy

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Jump, Jive an' Housecleaning








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