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Nora Roberts: The MacGregor Grooms


Fairy tales can come true. Nora Roberts proves it in The MacGregor Grooms. Daniel (The MacGregor), patriarch of the fabulously rich MacGregor family, firmly believes in helping his descendants find their soul mate. He's married off his granddaughters, now it's his three grandsons' turn.

Roberts' MacGregor series is a gift to readers who value strong, close, loving families. Rich but down to earth, the MacGregor family welcomes new spouses into their homes and hearts. Professional matchmakers would kill to acquire The MacGregor's method of locating these perfect soul mates. But they usually don't start searching for possible candidates as early as The MacGregor did.

The MacGregor singles out Daniel Campbell (D.C.) to make the first trip down the aisle. Tall, strong and handsome, D.C. grew up in the White House where manners and conformity were expected. But he's a big boy now, and lives his life without the interference of maids or housekeepers, creating modernistic oils with passion and intensity.

For D.C., The MacGregor lines up Layna Drake, goddaughter of a dear friend. Despite her dysfunctional family, Layna worked her way up the corporate ladder of Drake's Department Store using her brains and talent. She intends to be CEO of Drake's within 10 years. Marriage and children are not in her plans.

D.C. never tumbles to the clever manner in which his grandfather arranged his meeting with Layna. But D.C. does tumble into bed with the beautiful Layna and finally discovers that grandfather does know best.

One happy ending down, The MacGregor forges on. This time, he targets grandson Duncan. In olden days, this handsome lad would have been a black-suited card shark, pearl handled pistol in his belt -- think Maverick.

The MacGregor and Duncan's father hire Cat Farrell, green-eyed, red-haired temptress and lounge singer extraordinaire, to entertain for six weeks aboard the Comanche Princess, Duncan's luxurious Mississippi River gambling boat. Once again The MacGregor's magic touch clinches the deal. Duncan falls into bed and love with the lovely Cat. But beware of any gal named Cat. Like their namesakes, Cats have claws and minds of their own.

Ian becomes The MacGregor's last project -- at least for this book. Like his cousins, this home-loving lawyer is a handsome devil who hasn't a clue what's in store when his grandfather asks him to do a favor for lovely Naomi Brightstone, manager of the family bookstore. Can Ian coax the shy Naomi out of her shell? Can Ian keep his growing passion in check long enough to give her the chance to discover herself?

Roberts has written three fun and romantic stories. The sex is tastefully presented and stirring enough to raise a few temperatures. I just wish Roberts would remember that this is the age of safe sex and have her characters make at least a nod in the direction of basic sex education.


Suzanne Frisbee

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